Simple Home Improvements That Can Cut Your Heating Costs in Winter.

You would be surprised to see how much money you could save on your heating just by following these simple steps. You could be losing a fortune every year in heating and cooling bills if you have old doors or windows that are not energy efficient. Damage to your furnace or chimney can also greatly affect your heating bills. A few simple improvements to your home can make a huge difference in your energy consumption. By taking simple steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bill.

 You should consider replacing your old thermostat with a new programmable smart thermostat. A Smart thermostat allows you to set up automatic and programmable temperature settings. These settings can be based on daily schedules, weather conditions, and your heating and cooling needs.

You should also have your furnace serviced annually and replace your furnace filters as needed. This can make a big difference in your furnaces performance and how much fuel is used. Cleaning and maintaining your furnace are also recommended to keep your family safe. A faulty or damaged furnace is not only creating a fire risk but can also produce harmful gases that are invisible and potentially deadly.

Building a garage in winter

You might want to think about replacing your old furnace with a more modern energy efficient furnace or HVAC system. It would surprise you see how much more efficient a new furnace or HVAC system can be when compared to your old furnace or air conditioner. Not only are they better at heating and cooling your home, but they operate at a fraction of the energy cost. Sometimes you really must weigh the cost of a new HVAC system against how much money it will save you in heating and cooling bills.

 It is also a good idea to periodically have your vents checked for cracks and damage. You would be surprised how much heat you can be losing to a damaged or cracked vent. You should have any cracks or leaks in your ventilation system repaired by a professional, who can test the system to make sure it is airtight.


Most people do not have a clue how much heat is lost to old windows. There is a reason why old houses are drafty. It is the old windows, which have a lot of character, but were very inefficient compared to modern ones. Modern Energy Efficient windows are quite possibly the best way to save on your heating bills. That is why you should have your windows replaced with Energy Efficient Modern windows as soon as possible. 

 While you are at it you should also have your doors tested to see if they are airtight and properly sealed. A leaky or drafty door can be a great way to lose heat in the wintertime.  That is why you should have your doors checked for leaks and consider replacing old door seals, or possibly replacing your old door with a modern energy efficient door.

Another important thing to consider going into winter is having your attic or basement inspected for cracks or leaks. Cracks in your basement can not only cause you to lose heat but can also provide a place for moisture to form, then when it freezes and expands it can damage your structure. In contrast cracks and leaks in your attic can not only lead to higher heating bills but can also lead to moisture that can cause structural damage to your roof, or even black mold in your home.

Let’s face it Heating and cooling costs are inevitable when you are a homeowner, but they do not have to break the bank. Find out ways that you can reduce your heating and cooling costs every year. You will be surprised at how much you can save by simply following these simple steps to reduce your energy consumption. If you have more questions about how you can save on your heating bills visit us at

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