5 Tips for your next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Looking for help on how best to remodel your kitchen or bathroom but unsure how to go about it? Continue reading below to discover five easy tips to start, continue or finish those remodels!

Tip #1: Always keep your costs in mind.

Remember that while going all in and adding high-end flooring, sink, and a large vanity may sound great on paper, it may not end being very cost-effective in the long run. So always be sure to keep your costs in mind and stay within your budget!


Tip #2:  Have a strategy before you start.

If you know that you are working within a limited or unlimited budget, consider laying out a point-by-point plan of the remodel. Don’t go making sudden and unaccounted-for changes without considering your strategy. You never know who drastically it may change you completely upend your plan and budget.

Tip #3: Always have plenty of storage

Consider putting a good-sized closet for towels, spices, wash clothes, pots, pans, dry ingredients, or anything else you may or may not have room for in your remodel. Keeping things simple while having enough space to store everything to need is essential in any remodel

Tip #4:  Update plumbing

Another great tip is to update your plumbing during the remodel. The pipes may be going out of date; there might be a leak that you hadn’t noticed before or any other number of issues you may not have foreseen.

Tip #5:   Focus on function over style

Although it may be tempting to go for the most lavish and visually exciting parts and pieces for your bathroom or kitchen, it is always best to focus on their function before their style. For example, a beautifully designed countertop sink is useless if the sink doesn’t work!

These are just a handful of the variety of tips that will help you go through your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Focusing on keeping yourself in the budget, having enough storage, and having a plan before going in are as simple as they can get.


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