5 Great Benefits of Having a Metal Roof Installed

5 Great Benefits of Having a Metal Roof Installed

If you’re thinking of installing a new roof, you should strongly consider metal. Metal roofs offer several benefits that other types of roofs can’t beat. Here are five reasons why you should choose metal.

1. Metal roofs are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

The materials used to construct are steel, aluminum, or copper. Metal resists corrosion and is unlikely to rot in the same way that wooden roofs might. As a result, metal will last upwards of 30-50 years in most cases; depending on the type of metal used, building a different kind of roof might only be expected to last around 20 years.

metal roof construction in progress

2. They’re resistant to fire and hail damage.

Metal is fire resistant, meaning it doesn’t burn the same way that wooden roofs might. Metal roofing can also withstand significant damage caused by hail without sustaining any permanent damage itself.

3. Metal roofs are strong yet lightweight and energy-efficient.

A metal roof can even help save you money on your energy bill. Metal roofs reflect sunlight and can help cut down on cooling costs during warmer months by keeping the heat out. Metal acts as a conductor, which means that over time it can also transfer heat from the inside of your house to the outside – cutting down on heating costs in colder months. Metal roofing is also solid. Metal won’t buckle under the weight of heavy snowfall, so roof collapses are very unlikely with metal roofs.

4. They’re recyclable and green-friendly.

Metal roofs are incredibly sustainable. Metal can be recycled time and time very easily again with no loss of quality, making them a green-friendly choice for the earth-conscious homeowner. Metal roofs also cut down on waste because they can be melted down and reused in most instances.

5. They add value to your home and can increase its resale value.

So if you’re considering getting a new roof, be sure to give metal construction a strong consideration! Metal roofs are guaranteed to protect your house against the elements for decades to come and might even be able to help you sell it for more money down the road.

finished metal roof

There you have it! Having a metal roof installed might cost a little bit more up-front, but in the long run, you’ll enjoy many benefits that other types of roofs can’t provide. For example, metal roofs are incredibly durable and environmentally friendly while saving you money on your energy bills.

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